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Managing Prescription Drug Costs 2023-24 -

The rising cost of healthcare, and prescription drugs in particular, is a source of anxiety for employers with each new plan year. While there are multiple reasons for this increase, pharmacy costs—including the growing demand for specialty drugs (high-cost medications for individuals with chronic conditions)—contribute to these rising costs. It is essential that employers gain a deeper understanding of the emerging trends in managing prescription costs.

Creating Efficiency and Effectiveness: AI in Finance, Accounting and HR

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a game-changer across many industries, offering innovative solutions to streamline processes and enhance productivity. AI – and generative AI (GenAI) in particular – has the power to transform the fields of finance, accounting and human resources as well, providing new, interesting opportunities for personal and professional growth.

First, let’s dispel some of the common myths around AI. With the launch of ChatGPT (developed by OpenAI) in November 2022, t

Get Creative to Solve Your Construction Company’s Staffing Challenges

Construction projects are on the rise due to a generational investment in infrastructure spending. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act passed by Congress in August 2021 includes around $550 billion in new federal investment in America’s roads and bridges, water infrastructure and more to be allocated over the next five years.

Because of the influx of federal funds for infrastructure, construction firms that previously focused on local, private sector clients are incentivized to pursue pu

The CFO’s Role in Navigating Change

Navigating change with ease is a highly sought expertise in competitive markets. Those lucky few with the prescience to anticipate the next big shift can help their organizations thrive, and that is especially true in the world of work, where economic variations can drive the narrative throughout the talent ecosystem, from wages to hiring and retention.

Workforce dynamics can have a meaningful financial impact, and mastering its ebbs and flows is essential to driving shareholder return. But bec

New opportunities and challenges for construction clients

Even in an evolving economy, construction firms today have a lot of opportunity for new work. The that passed in 2021 includes around $550 billion in new federal investment in America's roads, bridges, water infrastructure and more.

However, there may be challenges for some firms in taking on publicly funded work for the first time. Considerations like managing pay across multiple jurisdictions, at different rates, and reporting requirements for government work could make managing projects and

4 misconceptions about health reimbursement arrangements

(HRAs) represent an opportunity for employers to provide employees with a health insurance benefit. Instead of choosing a one-size-fits-all group plan or leaving employees to shoulder the financial burden of health insurance on their own, employers can offer employees a tax-free allowance to purchase a plan of their choice.

In a tight labor market, employers look for any advantage in attracting and retaining good employees. Many small employers have never been able to afford to offer health ins

Is a PEO just what your clients need?

Many small companies can't afford an HR department or even an HR manager. HR is often one of many responsibilities handled by one person like a CFO or office manager.

At Worldwide Technologies, a 50-employee manufacturing facility in Franklin, Kentucky, Lindsey Tyler is that person. She works 80- and 90-hour weeks to manage the firm's accounting, human resources and more. To accomplish all this — including payroll, benefits, insurance, training, labor costs, workers compensation, hiring and ter

Women in leadership: Breaking down internal, external barriers

It seems we have been tracking the progress of women leaders for decades. Much has been written, researched and thoughtfully discussed, and many organizations have put in place valuable programs that have helped women move up the ladder.

However—where are we now, 20-plus years into the 21st century? What are the barriers for women today? And how can individuals and organizations continue to move the needle?

Organizations today have varying degrees of introspection into the topic of women in le

Elevate your accounting practice

The last few years have put accountants to the test. They had to quickly pivot to help small business owners navigate several challenges, such as new laws and regulations, hiring shortages, inflation and supply chain issues, to name a few.

But one thing is clear; accountants are in a unique position. They have access to the balance sheet of a small business- and the insight that comes with it. This insight gives accountants the opportunity to be integral to small business owners — as trusted ad

True equity requires a smart pay transparency strategy. Here’s how to build one

By the end of 2023, millions of Americans will live in a jurisdiction that requires employers to include a salary range in job advertisements. Already, a number of jurisdictions—including California, New York City, Colorado, and Washington—require this, and new laws will come into effect in New York state and other cities over the course of the year.

As employers adapt to these new laws, the goal is no longer just achieving baseline compliance. Rather, employers are increasingly focused on deve

How employee resource groups can impact the bottom line

To achieve results and remain relevant, any organizational initiative must connect to and support business strategy. And to support and impact those goals in innovative ways, HR leaders must understand the objectives of the organization. Without this connection, the initiative won’t succeed. But if you link it to the overall business strategy, it becomes more sustainable. While this business-focused approach is oftentimes pragmatic, many diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, such as emplo

Flexibility Is A Key To Staffing Successfully

With the worst of COVID-19 seemingly past, many employers are reconsidering remote and hybrid work arrangements in favor of returning to the office (RTO). Some feel the face-to-face time helps build a stronger culture, idea generation and general camaraderie. Even though some high-profile companies are backtracking on remote work, many office-based organizations are still on the fence. However, much of the office workforce is not on the fence about flexible work arrangements. They’re all for it.

How Mentoring Supports Gen Z

Graduation season is coming soon and with it a whole class of new workers. Gen Z is the popular moniker for these new hires. Born between 1997 and 2012, they are digitally-savvy having grown up with smartphones and social media. But this digital experience has come at a price. Due to the pandemic, this younger generation has spent most of their college years working remotely or in a hybrid arrangement. It’s taken a toll on their mental health and their social skills, according to experts. Soft s

Preparing for Your Next Creative Role

With the flux in the economy and labor market, many creative professionals are looking for new opportunities. If you are in between jobs or just interested in moving your career in a new direction, there are several actions you can take to get ready for that next position.

If you’re like many people, you’ve probably put off refreshing your resume or updating your portfolio. It can feel daunting, but take it a little bit at a time. If you’ve been in a job for a while, it’s easy to get a little s

7 Reasons to Seek Onsite Contract Work

Contract work is finally coming into its own. Once considered second choice to a permanent full-time job, many workers are choosing to work on a contract basis for a variety of reasons. The number of independent workers has increased tremendously – 69% since the beginning of the pandemic, according to MBO Partners. An uncertain economy has also increased the number of employers looking for contract employees. In a January 2023 survey of 1,000 employers, reported that one third

Stressed workers? Look to a financial wellness ecosystem

Two-plus years of the pandemic and its continued impact on the economy are making workers more financially stressed than ever. According to a study by ADP, 60% of workers across all income brackets are at least somewhat stressed by their finances. This trend remains consistent across all income levels, with 44% of earners making at least $75,000 saying they are at least somewhat impacted by financial stress.

Another study by ADP reported that 75% of employees want to work for a company that car

How Data Can Drive Skills Development and Performance

One of the best parts of my job is imagining new ways for data to transform the way businesses and people work, and the growth they achieve. The ability of data to power performance is true no matter what your field. Take, for instance, Patrick Cantlay, who at age 30, is an eight-time PGA TOUR winner. On the golf course, he’s described as focused and down to business -- “linear, direct, cerebral” are some of the words used. Data is key to his game. Cantlay relies heavily on his caddy, for instan

Recruiting and Retaining Millennials and Gen Z

Finding the best talent and holding onto to them has become the Holy Grail. The turmoil in the job market – even with fears of a recession – continues. The cost of recruitment is high and the cost of turnover even higher, especially when you consider how long it takes an employee to be trained and productive. The New York Times reports that the impact turnover is having on productivity is a major factor in a lagging economy.

Let’s look at our present workforce. Millennials, age 26-41, represent
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