A trip to Ecuador: In search of the best chocolate

At first I should describe what it’s like sitting here, in the back room at Pierre’s where all the magic happens. I am facing shelving with boxes and boxes of chocolates. And as if the smell in here wasn’t heady enough, I’m looking at names like “Cheesecake-dark”, “Pomegranate-dark”, “Nacional Peru”, …”Hewn Rum”, “Modigliani”, “Mariposa,” “Smoky Maple”. It’s a bit distracting.

Justin: We like to have fun. We love ingredients. We love playing around with things. Even though we don’t have sp

Baking matzah for the first time

I am 49 years old, and I am baking matzah for the first time in my life.

Not that baking your own matzah is a normal thing for an average Jewish-American woman to do. In fact, my mother’s response was, “Why would you want to do that?”

All my life I have known matzah — the unleavened cracker-like bread that Jews eat for the eight days of Passover — as something that comes out of a box you buy at the supermarket.

Put it in the category of cheese. Cheese is a food we assume comes wrapped in plas

Meet Your Farmer: Malaika Spencer, Roots to River Farm

The past ten years—the last five in particular—has seen a large influx of young farmers in Bucks County. They are passionate about growing healthy, fresh food using sustainable and organic practices. In this series, Bucks County Taste interviews these farmers to learn more about who they are.

It’s true, Malaika Spencer is a petite, attractive woman, with a broad, warm smile and deep, intelligent eyes. She began Roots to River Farm in Solebury in January 2013, using only organic farming practice

Conversation with a chef: Honey

In this series, Bucks County Taste sits down with some of the best chefs in Bucks County and shares their thoughts on food, life, and running a successful restaurant.

If you were to throw out on a local Facebook page the question, “What are the best restaurants in Bucks?” one name would come up consistently. Honey.

The cozy 42-seat restaurant is tucked away on a side street in Doylestown, a few steps from the courthouse. Joe and Amy McAtee opened in June 2007 and the restaurant quickly became

A Day in the Life: Rolling Harvest Food Rescue

Are you ready? Let’s go for a ride.

I’ve known Cathy Snyder for almost five years, since she first decided to step into the food waste stream and do whatever she could to divert some of it to hungry people. Specifically, hungry people here in the Delaware River Valley – in Lambertville, New Hope, Doylestown, Quakertown, Bensalem and less known places where our neighbors don’t have quite enough food to get through the week.

I’ve known her as a passionate, funny, loving and serious woman, now a

A hundred dollars and seven minutes

There used to be a game show called Supermarket Sweep where the contestants ran around a supermarket throwing items into their carts while under the clock. I think the idea was to pick up the most expensive items so that they would win the value of the cart. For some reason, this always fascinated me.

I have a fantasy (several, actually) that reminds me of that show, only mine involves being given a certain sum of money to spend in a certain amount of time. Let’s say $100 in seven minutes. Wher
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